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Melonchi Minecarts is a fun puzzle game based in the mineshafts of Arvale (I'm not sure where that is, exactly) with great animation and a nice story. You can play as one of three characters - Duncan, John DeMenchev or Grwyth the Dwarf - each with own peculiar personality. At the start you can choose to follow the story mode or get straight into the action.

The game is simple enough. You are in a minecart and must collect the precious jewels on the track. Collect them all and you move on to the next level. Of course it's not as easy as that. As you move along the track it explodes, meaning that you can't go retread your path. Before stating out you must navigate the only possible route to get the jewels without destroying the track. It's fairly challenging and good fun. The only problem I had was that the game loaded up horizontally making the controls more challenging.

Melonchi Minecarts is our brand new high quality Arcade Puzzle game for Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices. Journey back to Arvale to solve the mysteries of the Melonchi Mines with your favorite characters: Duncan, John DeMenchev, and Grwyth the Dwarf. Enjoy a unique and extremely addicting puzzle game including Gems, Minecarts, and Exploding Tracks while enjoying the visuals and ambience of the Arvale world!

Play with three different characters in three separate hilarious stories from the same wacky writers of the Arvale series. Melonchi MineCarts is intuitively designed to be enjoyable for anyone to pick up and play. Beginners and die-hard puzzle fans alike will be riding Minecarts in no time! Melonchi Minecarts features fantastic graphics and art, whimsical music and audio, intuitive controls, and of course, Melonchi, Gems, and Arvale!

Minecart features:

  • Immersive Graphics, Art, and Animation enhance the visual experience
  • Intuitive controls tailored to the Windows Mobile Pocket PC
  • Choose from 3 Unique Characters, each with unique, fantasy tales
  • High Quality Music and Sound Effects add to the ambiance of the Melonchi Mines... and beyond!
  • Separate Difficulty Levels for Beginners and Experts
  • Extra Arcade mode allows for infinite gameplay
  • Different Play Styles for each character
  • Auto-save automatically saves your progress when you exit, so you can continue where you've left off

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Melonchi Minecarts


Melonchi Minecarts 1.0

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